Just published - Treasure Island : The Discursive Struggle for Taiwan in the Midst of the New Cold War, by Alain Brossat & Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado

The articles in this book, placed under the rubric of political philosophy, political sciences, geopolitics, history, or anthropology, discuss how the operation of construction of the “enemy” articulates specific discursive strategies and tactics, and how it can be operated and led like a war. The authors envision the questions of the present and the evolving international situation by focusing on East Asia as one of the primary “knots” of international tensions and risks of war. Taiwan, where the authors have lived and worked for many years, is one of the premier observation posts in the world for trying to decipher what our very intricate and enigmatic present is essentially made of. It is, at the same time, a primordial enclave from which to propose a policy of pacification and neutrality in the face of the growing risk of polarisation and conflict. These are the challenges this book addresses by prioritizing the power of critique over alignment with a party or state power.

Book available HERE or on demand at this adress : juanalbertocasado[@]gmail.com